In 1897 Mr. Ishikawa, the founder of Zebra Co. Ltd. made and marketed the first domestically produced metal nibs. The Zebra trademark was adopted in 1914. Legend has it that Mr. Ishikawa wanted a company name that would be memorable and also appropriate for their export business to other countries. He took an English/Japanese dictionary and, opening it Japanese style from the back, started with the “Z” words. He stopped at “Zebra”.

He found that zebras are gentle animals with a strong family herding instinct. This was an important attribute, since he wanted to build a business in which employees and customers were all part of a family-like culture. The fact that the zebra looks like it is decorated with large calligraphic pen strokes may have also appealed to the visual image he was seeking.

Today the Zebra brand is as unique as the products we sell. Zebra Pen offers an extensive line of writing instruments including ballpoint pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, gel pens, fountain pens and markers. We stand behind our name and guarantee quality, satisfaction, and ultimate writing performance.

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Our Drivers

Integrity • Innovation • Quality • Value • Excellence In Customer Service

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering people to fully capture and express life’s moments personally and professionally. This future will continue to be shaped by the evolving needs of our consumers and customers as well as the ideas and creativity of our people.

We Earn Our Stripes

At Zebra, employees are our biggest asset. We depend on the skills, intelligence and experience that they bring. Personal growth is the key to success for both Zebra Pen and its employees.

We Are All Leaders

Just as we have grown our business for over 100 years, our future will continue to be shaped by the needs of our clients as well as the ideas and creativity of our people.

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