Back to School in the New Year: Choosing the Perfect Stationery Supplies

The return to school after the winter break presents a unique challenge compared to the typical summer hiatus. For students, this time marks a critical transition, requiring them to gear up for the upcoming academic term. An essential aspect of this preparation involves selecting the right stationery supplies. The choice of these supplies can significantly impact a student’s organization and effectiveness in their studies.

The ZEBRA team brings you the best tips for a smooth and enjoyable back to school supply shopping experience with top-quality stationery picks.

Must-have back to school supplies for high school, colorful pens, notebook


The perfect stationery supplies can help you to go back to school in style, but to make the right choices you need to understand the essentials.


Notebooks form the backbone of a student’s back to school supplies. Essential for a variety of academic tasks, they come in numerous types to suit different needs. The spiral-bound notebooks are popular for their ease of flipping pages, ideal for quick note-taking. Composition notebooks, with their durable binding and hard covers, are excellent for subjects that require more rigorous note-taking. Subject-specific notebooks, often featuring dividers and specialized sections, are particularly useful for keeping subjects organized separately, which is crucial for students handling multiple courses.


Pens are the most essential tools for students. Necessary for writing notes, essays, and even for exams, the choice of pens can greatly impact a student’s writing experience. Ballpoint pens, known for their reliability and long-lasting ink, are suitable for everyday writing. Gel pens, on the other hand, offer a smoother glide and richer ink colors, making them ideal for assignments that require neat and legible handwriting. Fountain pens, though less common, provide a classic feel and can be beneficial for students interested in calligraphy or who prefer a more traditional writing experience.


Pencils are indispensable, particularly in subjects where precision and the ability to erase are key. Regular pencils are perfect for subjects like math or art, where sketching and erasing are frequent. Mechanical pencils, known for their consistent point and lack of need for sharpening, offer convenience and precision. They are particularly favored for their clean lines and ease of use in technical drawings or detailed sketches.


Highlighters are a student’s ally in managing large volumes of reading material. By highlighting important points in notes and textbooks, students can easily locate key information during revision sessions. The variety of colors available allows students to create a color-coded system in their notes, which aids in memory retention and organization. For example, using different colors for different themes or subjects can streamline the study process.


Sticky notes offer an excellent way to make quick, removable notes on textbooks or in notebooks. They’re particularly useful for marking important pages or passages in textbooks without causing any damage to the pages. Their repositionable nature makes them versatile tools for planning and organizing study schedules or for jotting down reminders.


Pencil cases are more than just storage for writing instruments; they are a way to keep all small, essential items organized and readily accessible. A well-organized pencil case can save time and prevent the frustration of lost items like erasers, sharpeners, or small rulers.


Binders and files are crucial for organizing and storing a variety of paper materials like notes, handouts, and assignments. They help in keeping all academic materials in one place, making it easier to study and review. A well-organized binder can be a lifesaver during exam periods when efficient revision is key.

Must-have back to school supplies for high school for art class


When selecting back to school supplies for the season, opting for quality over quantity is a wise choice. This approach, focusing on the longevity and effectiveness of supplies, has several key benefits.

Firstly, the durability of high-quality back to school supplies is a major factor. Items like sturdy notebooks and reliable pens are designed to endure the daily demands of school life. A robust notebook, for example, resists wear and tear, ensuring that notes stay safe and legible for the entire academic year. Quality pens are less prone to leaking or drying out, offering consistent performance that’s crucial during exams or note-taking sessions.

The performance of quality back to school supplies also stands out. Better-quality pens provide smoother writing experiences, reducing the effort needed for writing and enhancing the neatness of notes. Quality pencils are less likely to break, offering uninterrupted writing or drawing, which is especially important during timed exams or when working on intricate diagrams.

Considering the cost-effectiveness of quality back to school supplies, it may seem more expensive initially, but its longevity means it doesn’t need to be replaced as often. This not only saves money in the long run but also spares the inconvenience of frequent trips to the store for replacements. It’s an investment that pays off over time, both financially and in terms of reliability.

The design and ergonomics of high-quality stationery can also enhance the overall study experience. Ergonomically designed pens, for instance, can reduce hand fatigue during lengthy writing tasks. The aesthetic appeal of well-designed back to school supplies can boost motivation and make organization a more enjoyable part of the study routine.

Choosing quality over quantity has environmental benefits. Durable products generate less waste, reducing the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of back to school supplies. This choice aligns with sustainable practices and encourages a more environmentally conscious approach to school supplies.

Lastly, the use of quality back to school supplies can indirectly improve the learning experience. Efficient tools minimize frustration and distractions, allowing students to focus better on their studies. For example, a high-quality highlighter that doesn’t bleed through pages enhances the efficiency of note-reviewing, making study sessions more productive.

Colorful ZEBRA back to school supplies for college students


Personalizing back to school supplies is more than just a creative exercise; it’s about creating a connection with the tools that play a crucial role in a student’s academic life. This personal touch can transform mundane items into sources of inspiration and motivation.

Starting with notebooks and binders, personalization can take many forms in back to school supplies. Decorating these with stickers is a popular choice. Stickers range from favorite bands and TV shows to motivational quotes and personal artwork, offering endless possibilities for self-expression. This not only makes the notebooks and binders more visually appealing but also adds a sense of ownership and pride in one’s materials.

The use of colored pens and pencils is another way to add a personal flair to your back to school supplies and help with color-codingBeyond making pages vibrant and eye-catching, different colors can be used to categorize information, making study sessions more organized and efficient. For instance, using one color for headings and another for key points can make revising notes easier.

Decorative tape, with its array of colors and patterns, is another tool for personalization. It can be used to add colorful borders to notebook pages, create custom labels for binders, or even to repair and reinforce the edges of well-used books. This not only enhances the look of the back to school supplies but also extends their life.

Choosing a theme for all back to school supplies can also be an exciting way to express personal style. Whether it’s a particular color scheme, a favorite animal, a space theme, or a floral pattern, a cohesive theme across all items brings a sense of harmony and personalization. It can also make the process of choosing new back to school supplies more enjoyable.

Additionally, personalizing back to school supplies extends to organizational tools like pencil cases and backpacks. Embroidery, keychains, and patches can add a unique touch to these items, making them stand out and easy to identify.

Incorporating these personal elements into back to school supplies does more than just make them look good. It creates a connection between the student and their tools, making the process of learning more engaging and enjoyable. Personalized stationery can become a reflection of the student’s identity and interests, contributing positively to their educational experience.

Must-have back to school supplies for high school, colorful pens, notebook


As students prepare to return to school after the winter break, selecting the right back to school supplies is a crucial step. This process involves more than just picking up basic supplies; it’s about carefully choosing items that are essential for academic success, ensuring they are of high quality, and adding a personal touch to make them more appealing and reflective of the student’s personality. Quality is key, as durable and well-crafted supplies like sturdy notebooks and reliable pens can significantly enhance the learning experience by providing reliability and comfort. Personalizing these supplies, whether through colorful pens, thematic stickers, or decorative tapes, not only makes studying more enjoyable but also helps in organizing and categorizing study materials effectively. 

Incorporating products from brands like ZEBRA back to school supplies, known for their durability and stylish designs, can enrich this selection, offering students tools that are not only functional but also resonate with their individual tastes.

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