Fountain Pen


Disposable fountain pen with long writing distance. The high quality, stainless steel nib enables beautiful writing. It’s easy to write with it!


Step into the world of fountain pens, where history and writing elegance converge. These remarkable writing instruments have a storied past dating back to ancient civilizations, and they’ve transformed into the meticulously crafted tools we know today.


The story of the fountain pen is a journey through time, one that began in ancient civilizations around the 10th century. These early prototypes have come a long way, evolving dramatically over the decades. These pens have played a pivotal role in the progression of writing instruments, transitioning from basic quill-like designs of the past to the complex, meticulously crafted instruments we have today. Their evolution mirrors not only technological advancements but also the artistic refinement of writing tools.


One of the most distinctive features of fountain pens is their exceptionally smooth and constant ink flow, which delivers an unparalleled writing experience. The ink glides effortlessly across the paper, making it unnecessary to exert excessive pressure and reducing hand fatigue.

Fountain pens are available in an array of nib styles, catering to a wide range of writing preferences. The nibs come in various sizes, from fine to medium, broad, and specialty varieties. Not only do these nibs determine the width of your lines, but they also influence your writing style, making each stroke uniquely yours.

When it comes to ink selection, these pens offer unmatched versatility. With an array of ink options to choose from, writers can personalize their writing experience and add a creative touch to their work.

The fountain pen is a living testament to the evolution of writing tools, bridging history and contemporary craftsmanship. Its exceptional smoothness, variety of nib styles, and ink versatility make it a cherished choice for those who appreciate the art of writing. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting your journey, this pen is more than a writing instrument; it’s a connection between the past, present, and the creative possibilities of the written word.

ZEBRA fountain pens offer good-quality and long lasting stationary for your everyday endeavors. 

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