Sarasa Grand

Sarasa Grand is an exclusive gel pen with weighted brass barrel, in nice colours.

sarasa grand engravable zebra gel pen 1


G-450 is a stylish, matte black gel pen with brass barrel and comfort grip. It makes a lasting impression!

Zebra G-450 gel pen


This is a metal gel pen in classic design. With the easy glide in has a smooth writing performance.

G-301 gel retractable


Simple and great! This plastic gel pen has rubbered barrel and smooth ink – ideal for children and everyday use.

ola gel pen 1


Jimnie has quick dry gel ink which doesn’t smear. Recommended for left hand writers.

Jimnie Gel Roller pen for left hand writers 1

Sarasa Retractable

Retractable gel pen with soft comfort grip and rapid dry gel ink. Refillable, available in 3 colours.

sarasa retractable gel pen 1

Sarasa Clip

Eco friendly gel pen with strong alligator clip. Available in more than 40 beautiful colours.

sarasa clip gel pen 1


Children’s and illustrator’s favorite gel pen! This pen has triangle shape barrel and smooth ink in 20 lovely colours.

Doodler’z Gel Stick Neon & Fashion gel pen 1

Gel Pen

In recent years, gel pens have surged in popularity, finding a place in the hearts and hands of people from all around. These versatile writing instruments, distinguished by their gel-based ink, offer a delightful and precise writing experience.

The Widespread Popularity of Gel Pens

Gel pens have taken the writing world by storm in recent decades and they’ve become a beloved tool for people of all ages and backgrounds. You can find them in offices, schools, and homes across the globe. They are not just your ordinary pens. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, catering to individual tastes. These pens are known for their water-based ink, which is soft and has low viscosity. This special ink makes writing and drawing a pure pleasure. You’ll find that using this pen is smooth and effortless, and it glides on paper like a dream. 

What’s great about gel pens is that they aren’t just for a specific group of people. Everyone, from kids to professionals, can find value in using them. For students, these pens make note-taking and studying more engaging. The vibrant colors can help you organize your thoughts, and the smooth ink makes for effortless writing during long lectures.

They are not limited to just writing. Artists and doodlers can unleash their creativity with these pens. The range of colors and the smooth ink flow make them perfect for intricate designs, colorful illustrations, and expressive drawings.

Ink Innovation

The most distinctive feature of gel pens is, of course, their gel-based ink. This unique ink sets them apart from your typical ballpoint pens. The gel ink is specially crafted to deliver an exceptional writing and drawing experience. When you put this pen to paper, you’ll notice the crisp, precise lines it produces. This enhances the legibility of your text and allows for greater precision when drawing.

One of the most exciting aspects of these pens is the wide range of ink colors available. There’s a pen color for every occasion. Need something professional for work or school? Basic blues and blacks have you covered. Want to add a splash of creativity to your notes or artwork? They come in brilliant reds, greens, and even metallics that shimmer and shine. With so many colors at your disposal, you can make your writing and drawings as vibrant and eye-catching as you desire.

ZEBRA gel pens are useful for students, professionals and artists equally. They provide an enjoyable writing experience for everyone.