Mildliner Highlighter

Mildiner Highlighter is a double ended marker with chisel and bullet tip. Available in 25 beautiful colours.

mildliner highlighter Highlighter creative marker 1


This double ended (brush and bullet tip) marker is excellent for layering and colouring. Available in 25 colours, also in sets.

mildliner brush double ended marker pen 1


Highlighter with glitter ink for creative activities, students or in the offices. Available in 5 colours.

kirarich marekr pen 1

Calligraphy Pen

Perfect for calligraphic writing style! With water proof, fade proof deep black ink in 3 different sizes.

calligraphy quick dry marker 1

Technical Drawing Pen

Needle tip marker in 5 sizes for drawing and illustrations. The black in is water proof and has archival quality.

Technical Drawing Pen with metal guide pipe 1

Brush Pen

Zebra brush pens are perfect for traditional lettering, available in extra fine, fine, medium point sizes.  The deep black ink is waterproof.

Brush Pen waterproof marker 1

White Board Marker

The White Board marker available in 4 colours. The long cap off time makes it very useful in offices.

white board marker with long cap off time 1

Paint Marker

With the oil based permanent ink Paint Marker is perfect for industrial use or for illustrations. Available in 9 colours.

paint marker Oil based paint marker zebra 1

Name Pen Fine

Name Pen Fine permanent marker is suitable for wide range of surfaces. It has rapid dry black ink.



Double ended (chisel and bullet tip), alcohol-based permanent marker in 4 available colours.

HiMckie double-ended zebra marker 1

Mckie Extra Fine

Double ended permanent marker with bullet and needle tip. With rapid dry alcohol-based ink, for wide range of surfaces.

MCKIE EXTRA FINE permanent marker 1

Mckie Rectractable

Retractable permanent marker with alcohol-based, rapid dry ink. Comfortable to use, practical

Mckie Retractable

Mckie Extra Bold

Double ended, alcohol based permanent marker with extra bold tips. 10-17 mm writing width for industrial environment and illustrations.

Mckie Extra Bold


Markers are versatile writing and drawing tools, each type catering to a specific purpose and unleashing a world of creative potential. In this overview, we’ll explore different types of markers, from highlighters to technical pens, and understand how they serve various needs, from artistic expression to precise technical work.


Highlighters are the champions of organization and easy reference. Their vibrant colors make important text pop, perfect for note-taking and enhancing comprehension. With a variety of colors at your disposal, they help you create a visual hierarchy and reduce the clutter in your documents. Their wedge-shaped tips offer flexibility in drawing both thick and thin lines.

Brush Pens

For those who crave creativity, brush pens are the answer. These versatile tools allow for fine and broad strokes, thanks to their flexible brush tips. You can switch between subtle and bold lines effortlessly, making them ideal for artists, illustrators, and calligraphers. With a spectrum of ink colors and brush tip hardness, they provide a broad canvas for your imagination.

Calligraphy Pens

Calligraphy pens are the gateway to graceful writing and artistic exploration. With various tip options, including italic, flex, and chisel tips, they open doors to different calligraphic styles and scripts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced calligrapher, these pens offer precision and a creative outlet.

Double Ended Mildliners

Double-Ended Mildliners are a delightful addition to the world of coloring and journaling. These colorful pens are not only perfect for adult enthusiasts but are also for children, making them a versatile choice for artists of all ages. With different tip ends, including chisel, brush, and round tips, they effortlessly cater to various needs, allowing you to create both bold and delicate strokes.

Permanent Markers

Permanent markers, available in both oil and alcohol-based varieties, are the unwavering workhorses of writing instruments. Their ink ensures that your marks, labels, and notes stand the test of time, making them ideal for important labeling and archival tasks. 

Whiteboard markers

Whiteboard markers are essential tools for classrooms and boardrooms, allowing for dynamic presentations and easy erasability on whiteboard surfaces.

Technical Pens

Precision and accuracy are the hallmarks of technical pens. Architects and engineers rely on them for detailed drawings, ensuring thorough and exact work. They also find a place in creative projects, thanks to their fine point markers and steady ink flow. In the world of technical work, consistency and quality are paramount, and technical pens deliver on these fronts. ZEBRA pens provide you with an amazing writing experience due to their top-notch quality and ergonomic design.