Mechanical Pencil


Mechanical pencil with unique, unbreakable lead mechanism. The built-in eraser and strong clip make it practical.


Durable mechanical pencil made of stainless steel. With comfort grip and built-in eraser.


Special mechanical pencil with long lead sleeve for precise drawing or writing. Available in 4 different sizes.


Eco friendly mechanical pencil with strong alligator clip and built-in eraser. Perfect for students and office people.


Mechanical pencil with slim design and soft touch barrel. It takes standard 0,5 mm refill.


Hexagonal shape barrel, built in eraser, 0,7 mm lead refill. Designed for children with lovely patterns.


Mechanical pencils, the heroes of the stationery world, often go unnoticed, overshadowed by their wooden pencil counterparts. But when you take a closer look, you’ll discover a world of benefits and features that make these tools a favorite among professionals, students, and anyone who values precision and eco-friendliness.


Traditional wooden pencils have their advantages, but there is one issue: the constant need for sharpening. With each stroke, the point dulls, and you must pause to bring it back to a fine tip. This can be quite a hassle, especially when you’re engrossed in technical drawings or detailed work that requires uninterrupted focus.

Mechanical pencils, on the other hand, maintain a consistent line width throughout use. The secret lies in their ingenious mechanism. Instead of sharpening, you simply advance the lead with a click, ensuring that your lines remain sharp and precise. This feature makes mechanical pencils the preferred choice for professionals like architects, engineers, and artists who demand accuracy and reliability in their work.

The versatility of mechanical pencils makes them a hit among a diverse audience. Whether you’re a child, a student, an office worker, or a seasoned professional, you can benefit from their consistent and precise performance.


Many of these pencils come with an integrated eraser at the top or end, giving users a convenient tool for rectifying mistakes right at their fingertips. These erasers are often more durable than standard pencil erasers, which tend to wear down quickly.

The built-in eraser is a lifesaver for students during exams, professionals making revisions on important documents, or artists fine-tuning their creations. It eliminates the need to keep a separate eraser nearby and streamlines the creative or writing process.

To enhance the writing or drawing experience, many of these pencils feature ergonomic grips made of rubber or other soft materials. These grips offer a comfortable, non-slip surface to hold onto, reducing hand fatigue during long writing or sketching sessions.

The ergonomic design of these pencils makes them easy to use for extended periods, ensuring that your fingers remain comfortable and pain-free. This feature is especially valuable for professionals who spend hours sketching blueprints or students taking lengthy exams.

ZEBRA pencils are trustworthy companions that can help you with all of your projects.

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