Sarasa Clip

Gel pen with alligator clip and quick dry ink. Available in many beautiful colours and unique sets.

sarasa clip gel pen 1

Fountain Pen

Fountain pen with non-scratching stainless steel nib and long write out. Available in 7 trendy colours.

zebra fountain pen 1

Mildliner Highlighter

Double ended marker for highlighting and creative avtivities. Available also in sets, in 25 mild colours.

mildliner highlighter Highlighter creative marker 1


Double ended brush pen and marker for layering, colouring. Available in 25 beautiful mild colours.

mildliner brush double ended marker pen 1


Highlighter with nice glitter ink for decoration and marking. The ink is water based and waterproof, available in 5 colours.

kirarich marekr pen 1

Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy pen in 3 sizes with deep black quick dry ink for decoration and lettering.

calligraphy quick dry marker 1

Technical Drawing Pen

Needle tip pen for decoration and technical drawing. With quick dry, water resitant deep black ink.

Technical Drawing Pen with metal guide pipe 1

Brush Pen

Brush pens in different witing widths for traditional lettering and illustrations.

Brush Pen waterproof marker 1