Eco friendly is trendy!

Social responsibility and compassion are endeavors for us all. Even the smallest of efforts can have a lasting impression on our environment and the individuals living within it.

That’s why more and more customers prefer to buy products that are eco friendly. So it is worth to expand your portfolio with eco friendly writing instruments.

Eco friendly writing instruments are:
• Refillable pens
• Metal pens
• Pens made of recycled materials

Clip on Slim - környezetbarát

Are refillable pens eco friendly?

The short answer is that it’s relative, but they are a better choice than a typical plastic disposable pen. Refillable pens allow you to replace the inner ink cartridge and customers do not have to buy a new pen.

Metal pens are durable!

Metals are excellent, solid materials for eco friendly pens, due to their durability. Customers can use it for ages and buy refills.
Zebra offers a wide range of metals pens made of stainless steel or brass, filled with oil based or gel ink. The most popular ones are: F-301SL-F1Telescopic StylusSarasa GrandFxMd.

Did you know, that there are ZEBRA products made of recycled materials?

Tapli Clip
Tapli Clip ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils are eco friendly, they are made of recycled plastic (69% of the raw materials). Both have rubberized, very comfortable grip and strong alligator clip.

Clip on Slim 4C
Clip-On Slim 4C combines great design and function! It is so slim that you can’t even tell it is a multi-pen! The strong alligator clip has a small loop for attaching. It is refillable, includes blue, black, red and green ink pen in one. Good news for environmental conscious customers: they are made of recycled plastic (69% of the raw material).

Sarasa Clip
Sarasa Clip gel pens are very popular due to the advantageous features: rapid dry smooth ink, beautiful colours, non fading – non smearing ink, strong alligator clip! They are made of recycled materials (75% of the raw materials – except Vintage colour pens).

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